Our Strategy

Coupling Value-Add Properties in High-Growth Areas with Vertical Integration


Identifying The Right Markets 
We target markets where we can successfully operate throughout the real estate cycle. This means focusing our efforts on areas with sustainable growth supported by a diverse set of strong economic drivers and favorable supply-demand dynamics.


Sourcing And Acquiring Attractive Properties 
Our ideal building is one that has been untouched for 10 or more years with significant arbitrage between in-place and market rents. An important component of our ability to capture favorable entry prices is our exceptional skill at sourcing off-market deals.


Creating Value Through Customized Extensive Renovations
Our targeted renovations yield higher rent, increase tenant retention, and reduce vacancies resulting in stable low volatility assets, increased value creation, and higher returns to investors.


Institutional Team 
The Southgate team consists of institutionally trained individuals from leading firms throughout the industry.


Embrace Technology
Southgate embraces and harnesses advances in real estate technology to provide a superior experience to both tenants and investors

Client Reviews

"I have been investing with Southgate Real Estate Ventures for over five years. During this time, Southgate has increased the value and quality of many properties, resulting in a strong return for me and the communities they invest in.  I work with Southgate because of their expertise and local market knowledge. They also consider how best to improve a property to complement its surroundings. Many investments require significant capital improvements, and Southgate's attention to detail and providing quality living accommodations are critical for long-term growth and sustainability. Investing in real estate is, in part, a way to play a role in improving the cities where we live, and Southgate does just that."

Matthew N. Client

“I think the assets I’m invested in are fantastic. The upgrades are enough to maximize rents while not over investing given that a future buyer may be a developer. I think the properties are being managed really well. We saw a few tenants who seemed really happy with their places. The locations were awesome. I loved the neighborhoods around the properties. I hope there are more opportunities for us to work together in the future!”

Henry M. Client

"Southgate has consistently increased property values which have resulted in substantial growth of my equity. They have very strong market knowledge and the ability to quickly execute on their strategy. To date, they have fully met my expectations in adhering to their business plans."


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